What A Frightening Dream

I woke up very early this morning because I had a bad dream. I couldn’t sleep anymore. My bad dream woke me up at 2:30 am.

Thantlang Baptist Church (Before it burned)

In my dream, I was in Thantlang. I didn’t know how I got there. I felt scared. I stood in the small football field called Mawlai. We used to play football there when I was kid. I turned around to look everywhere and I couldn’t see any people. I heard voices from the No. 2 school so I went to the school but nobody was there. I looked up to my right and I saw a big brick wall. It was an old church with no roof. That was the church where I attended Sunday school.  I entered the church, there was nothing there. I looked around Thantlang and could not see or hear anyone. It was very quiet. 

Then I heard people talking near me but I didn’t see anything. Five minutes later, I heard a gunshot and started screaming. The army was targeting me. I ran. Gunfire started from everywhere. Suddenly the gunfire stopped and I was able to run from the town. I arrived at a river called Lahva. I sat on a rock. I was exhausted. I heard a helicopter above me. The helicopter dropped a big bomb on the ground. I saw the bomb clearly and it exploded next to me and I screamed. I thought I was dead. I screamed loudly in my sleep because the dream felt real. This woke me up. I got up from my bed and couldn’t sleep. I thought I would hear/see sad news from Thantlang. I checked my Facebook page but there was no bad news. 

I prayed to God.

“Dear God, Thank you for waking me up safely this morning. I thank you, God, for allowing me to live in the United States. I am safe here and I am not worried about my life here. But my people in Myanmar are suffering because of ongoing wars. A lot of young people are giving their lives. More than ten thousand Thantlang people are fleeing their homes for the border. They are worried about their lives. Please help us bring peace to my country.”